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Interior view of an Inca Glow salon




At Inca Glow Inc., we are creating a revolution not just in the hair smoothing industry, but by being the first franchise system of its kind available on the market today! Our concept is a high-end franchise salon and glow zout bar, that focuses on beauty, luxury and getting pampered. Our organic products are better for the stylist, the salon, the customers, and the environment, making it a unique and in-demand service within the booming beauty industry.

Inca Glow Salon & Glow Out Bar is a simple operation that can be set up in almost any location across Canada and the U.S. with qualifying demographics and ample foot traffic. The business model is designed to be easy so as to prevent operational complexities and shorten the set-up time for a franchisee to generate cash flow and potential profitability.     


Inca Glow has created an amino acid-based hair smoothing system that can tame, tone, and treat all at the same time. The premier products of Inca Glow Salon & Glow Out Bar are all formulated with natural and organic ingredients. They do not contain formaldehyde, have any odor, or irritate the scalp and are 100% safe for all hair types, clients, and professionals! Taking the beauty segment by storm, Inca Glow Inc. offers this in demand service with a first-to-market concept to share this shiny, state-of-the-art experience with the world.  

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Our ideal franchise candidates include salon industry professionals, businesses involved in the salon industry, marketing executives, entrepreneurs and investors that see the potential for growth in this market, and families such as husband and wife teams who want to start a business! An Inca Glow franchisee should be passionate about the beauty segment and of course any experience as a hairstylist is a bonus. 

The number one qualities for potential Inca Glow Inc. franchisees are comfortability in sales and marketing and a strong ability to manage relationships with clients and staff. We want business-minded individuals who share the same vision for the company and can grasp the culture and change that Inca Glow Salon & Glow Out Bars bring to the industry. 

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